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Did you know that the Deaf are one of the largest most unreached and unengaged people groups in the world? Only 2% of this people group has been reached with the Gospel message. How do you reach a people without the Word of God in a language they can understand?

Currently the only completed sign language New Testament is the American Sign Language version. However through Deaf Bible and the Deaf Bible app translations in various sign languages can be made available to the Deaf.

One of the biggest misconceptions about sign language is that it is simply gestures that represent words from spoken and/or written languages, and that there is only one—American Sign Language (ASL). However, the language structure of ASL is completely different from that of spoken and/or written English and cannot be used interchangeably.

Wycliffe Bible Translators estimates that there are approximately 400 sign languages in the world today and each has its own structure. The majority (80%) of Deaf people around the world do not have access to education so illiteracy is very high. Since most Deaf people get their information primarily through their sign language, providing God’s Word in all available sign language translations is vital—to give the Deaf people complete access to the Word of God so they know He loves them and they are not forgotten.

Deaf Bible is working with translators to make every sign language Bible translation available to the Deaf all around the world in their own sign languages. Starting with only American Sign Language New and Old Testament video portions, Deaf Bible is happy to release at least 10 more sign languages in 2014. Deaf Bible also continues to develop new ways for the translations to be distributed, as well as developing programs to engage the Deaf community in Scripture.

Hosanna/Deaf Bible is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Their purpose is wholly religious: to proclaim Jesus Christ as Lord in all that we do.